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SpecOps operators require a very special type of resume utilizing specific terminology to capture the unique knowledge, skills and abilities of Private Security Contractors who run-and-gun for a living.

Whether you’re an operator tracking HVT’s or providing close protection work for embassy personnel, dignitaries, high-profile government officials, or corporate CEO’s – you are a special breed – and as such, you require a resume which reflects your specialized skill set.

Resumes For Diverse Backgrounds

Specialists (current and former) from such diverse backgrounds as DEA, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, DOS, Delta, Rangers, SEALS, CID, NCIS, EOD, and SWAT all know the value of a resume written by LogCap4Jobs.

Some of the companies whose personnel I have written resumes for include, but are not limited to:

  • Aegis
  • Applied Marine Technology
  • Blackwater
  • Cochise Consultancy
  • CSA
  • DynCorp
  • Gator Global Services
  • Global Strategies Group
  • ISDM
  • MVM
  • Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
  • SAIC
  • Triple Canopy
  • TSA
  • U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Virtually 100% of the resumes I write for Private Security Contractor’s come from referrals…the reason? Simple. The independent security contractor and consultant community is a very tight knit group and when word gets around – good or bad – it spreads like wild fire and will make-or-break the reputation of a company as a reputable source (or not) of products, information or services provided for them.

From Baghdad to J’bad, Kirkuk to Kandahar, Tbilisi to Tripoli, Mogadishu to Mindanao and all points North, South, East and West – whether you’re in intel or recon – word on the street about LC4J as the #1 source for PSC/PMC resumes is a big two thumbs up.

Unlike Any Other Website

This website is un-like any other website of its kind on the planet. Using my service means you will avoid receiving a worthless piece of [uh-huh] written by someone that…
1. Has no concept of the terminology used to express what it is you do as a Private Security Contractor, or
2. Speaks a first language that isn’t even English and is more likely Hindi or Tagalog.


A word to the uninitiated, misguided and ill-informed who are thinking about contacting me to write a resume for the security sector:

If you just got your Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and are fresh out of school, have no experience other than that part-time job as an un-armed rent-a-cop down at the corner 7-11…don’t bother. You’ll be wasting my time and your money, and Private Military Contractor recruiters will just laugh as they use your resume for shooting hoops or making paper airplanes. Stay ON the sidewalk. Remain calm and walk toward the light.


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