• Defense Jobs

    image Work as a defense contractor for some of the most well known companies in the business.

    With over 100s of contract defense jobs available you'll be working in no time.
  • High Paying Jobs

    image The lowest paying entry level jobs with the LOGCAP 4 companies are significantly above the average wages based on your country of origin.
  • Working Abroad

    image Thought about working abroad?
    There are hundreds of different types of jobs currently available as a defense contractor in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    We specialize in helping people get high paying jobs in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Straight Talk

    image In order to get one of these high paying LOGCAP 4 jobs you’ve either got to: 1. Know somebody that works there, or 2. Know somebody like me who knows how the LOGCAP system works and is willing to help you!
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Invest Wisely In Your Future

If you've read this far, then you must be serious about making a real commitment in preparing yourself to have the absolute best possible chance for getting hired-on by one of the LOGCAP 4 contractors, so here is what to do to get the process started:
First, e-mail your present resume or work history with DETAILED EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION: Employer names, addresses, dates, job title, responsibilities and any educational information you want incorporated into your LOGCAP 4 formatted resume to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Your personal information will never be revealed to any third party. Then, click with confidence on the PayPal secure and totally confidential payment processor button below to place your order, as we are proudly PayPal verified and can not view your personal financial information!
When confirmation of payment has been verified, I will then prepare your new LOGCAP 4 formatted resume and return it to you for a quality review within 7 – 10 days.
If there are any changes, corrections, additions or deletions to be made, clearly indicate what they are and send it back to me. I will then make any adjustments necessary and return it to you along with tips to prepare you for speaking with a LOGCAP 4 recruiter about your position of interest.
Choose the position you are interested in based on your actual experience. Don't take a "shot gun" approach when applying for LOGCAP jobs...LOGCAP recruiters frown on that. Stick with what you know and do best. If you are unsure as to what position to apply for, I will review your experience and suggest a position which may be a good fit based on my years of experience as a seasoned LOGCAP Human Resources professional.
When you receive the final version of your LOGCAP 4 formatted resume, in addition to it being written for a specific job description directly related to your position of interest, you will also receive valuable information regarding LOGCAP terms, acronyms and buzz-words which will allow you to familiarize yourself with how the LOGCAP project is structured. An informed and knowledgeable candidate is a better candidate!
You will possess the tools, resources and information necessary to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.
Remember...Chance Favors The Prepared Mind!
In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me so we can discuss it further, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Now get out there and go for it. You can do this! You own it, now work it!

All this for only $75.00

I have read and understand the terms of utilizing the resume service of LogCap4Jobs and acknowledge that there is NO GUARANTEE of any type that I will EVER be contacted by any recruiter, company, or firm offering employment now or at any time in the future. By placing my order and clicking on the PayPal link, I am indicating that I understand and agree to these terms. I am further indicating that I fully understand that LogCap4Jobs can not and will not forward my resume to any recruiter, company, or firm, and that it is my sole responsibility to conduct a job hunt. If you do not agree to these terms, DO NOT ORDER.

You must understand that LogCap4Jobs is making no guarantee of employment of any kind nor is there any guarantee expressed or implied that you will ever be contacted by a LogCap 4 recruiter, any Logcap 4 contractor, or defense contractor at any time now or in the future with an employment offer by choosing to purchase the service offered on this website. You are indicating that you fully understand and agree to these terms and conditions that this service comes with absolutely no guarantee. Order only if you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein.

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"I had been applying for months trying to get a job on LOGCAP, but after submitting the resume LogCap4Jobs helped me with, I got a job offer the very next day! Thanks LC4Jobs!"

- Tom Smith, Alabama

"Hi. I just wanted to let you know I got a phone call from one of the recruiters making me a job offer! You guys rock!"

- David Robinson, New York


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NOTE: LOGCAP 4 Jobs does not guarantee employment of any kind nor does it guarantee or imply that you will ever be contacted by a LOGCAP 4 recruiter. LogCap4Jobs reserves the right to refund your payment if your resume is considered to be in no need of improvement.

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