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How to Write a Resume for an Overseas Job PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

As the military draws down from overseas assignments, contract opportunities are heating up. Your resume is a critical first step in landing an overseas job.

When writing your résumé for an overseas position there are a couple of fatal gaffes to steer clear of, which are otherwise certain to ensure disastrous results.

One particular snafu to avoid in writing your résumé is producing a document written in simplistic first person tense that reads like a conversation going something like this: “I started out working in a grocery store at a really young age when I’d have to stand on a wooden stool because I was too short to reach the counter to pack groceries for the customers and after that I got another job in a hardware store and then after that I decided I was gong to be a rocket scientist.” Okay – oversimplified for illustration purposes, but you get the idea – no one wants to read someone’s life story in a résumé. Elementary I’m sure for the vast majority of discerning readers on this site, but you may be surprised at how many résumés read like an autobiographical, not so short-story.

Another guaranteed way to bore the reader to tears, is to force them into muddling through an exhaustive, verbose stream of consciousness depicting the multitudinous thoughts and feelings passing through the writer’s mind.

For example: A sentence, be it long, medium, or short, — or even really, really short — that noticeably uses or employs significantly and excessively way, way many more words, or phrases, or clauses, and/or adjectives, etc., than are necessarily requisite to get the point of the aforementioned sentence — that is to say the crux, the focus, the meaning of the aforementioned sentence — across clearly, plainly, and/or distinctly, is a discursive, long-winded, and, dare I say, “VERBOSE SENTENCE”. Just shoot me.

To further ensure abysmal failure in the presentation of your experience, write in third person tense as if your résumé were a review of your career written by an esteemed member of intelligentsia espousing highbrow laudatory comments fit for the annals of Who’s Who of The Illuminati. That always goes over big. A résumé written in this style usually comes across as pretentious pomp and circumstance, the equivalency of verbal narcissism. Either that, or the person doing the writing is just plain clueless.

So, what DO you want to do when writing your résumé? For one, use straightforward concise language stating how you meet and exceed all of the minimum and preferred requirements outlined within the job posting you are applying for. Employ the KISS method and you can’t go wrong – which isn’t to say that emphasizing your knowledge, skills and abilities along with your significant achievements should ever go unaddressed. Be like famed Detective Sergeant Joe Friday of Dragnet from day’s of old, presenting “Just the facts, ma’am” and curtail the lengthy discourse.

The Bottom Line –
Recruiters and hiring authorities want to know exactly WHAT you are prepared to bring to the table, and HOW you will contribute to organizational development and success of the company’s business objectives plus its ability to meet the needs of the mission. Address these points in an appropriate manner and you are well on your way from being just another applicant among thousands in competition for the same position, to someone viewed as a viable candidate worthy of an interview. Score.

Bruce Diggs is a former HR staff member for KBR in Iraq and Flour in Afghanistan, with experience on the LOGCAP project in Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. For truly viral no-spin information on the reality of working in Afghanistan, stop by his website www.LogCap4Jobs.com and be sure to checkout his world famous “Free Advice”! Bruce can also be found guest blogging for www.DangerZoneJobs.com.

Private military and security contractors still maintain a strong presence in the Middle East. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

While U.S. military forces have left Iraq and are winding down in Afghanistan, private military and security contractors still maintain a strong presence in the Middle East.

In Afghanistan, there are more contractors than U.S. troops according to the most recent quarterly contractor census report issued by the U.S. Central Command. There were approximately 137,000 contractors working for the Pentagon in the region that covers Iraq, Afghanistan and 18 other countries from Egypt to Kazakhstan. In Afghanistan, there were 113,376 contractors and Iraq had 7,336, with 40,110 who were U.S. citizens, 50,560 local hires, and 46,231 from neither the U.S. nor the country where they were working. Read more...

Obtaining a Position on the LOGCAP Project PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

In the pursuit of obtaining a position on the LOGCAP project, well-informed job seekers are always on the lookout for a way to gain a strategic advantage in securing a position for which there may be thousands of applicants. For some, their job hunting strategy may include applying to and accepting a position that may not necessarily be #1 in their Top Ten Dream Jobs list, but a position that nonetheless allows them to get their foot in the door. Read more...

Have you heard about ilovebagram.com? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

Have you heard about the website ilovebagram.com that’s drawing national media attention and notoriety among the military?  Someone replying to one of my articles on ClearanceJobs.com left a link to it, but I have to warn you…if you’ve ever spent time at Bagram as I have (May 2004 – January 2008), you may find the site disturbingly addictive. It’s totally sick – as defined in the first reference of the adjective by The Online Slang Dictionary. Read more...

Fluor and LOGCAP IV in Africa PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

There is much speculation about the role of the U.S. military directly or by proxy in certain tumultuous state nations within Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Djibouti, the Islamic Maghreb in North Africa, Nigeria, Libya, and in the Arabian Peninsula across the Gulf of Aden in Yemen.  There is also much that is known. Read more...


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