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Defense Job Recruitment Services
Are you thinking about applying for a job with a Logistics Civil Augmentation Program LOGCAP 4 defense contractor like Fluor, KBR, DynCorp, or ITT, which are currently providing military logistics support personnel in Afghanistan? As the U.S. and coalition military troops continue to rotate into and out of Afghanistan and Iraq, the need for LOGCAP support personnel will also continue. Perform a search for LOGCAP jobs, Army jobs, Defense jobs, Fluor jobs, KBR jobs, ITT jobs, DynCorp jobs, and you’ll see LOGCAP defense contractor overseas jobs are plentiful. The important thing to remember if applying for one of these high paying LOGCAP jobs is that you can be supremely qualified for a position, but the LOGCAP 4 recruiters working for the LOGCAP defense contractors in Afghanistan are only interested in resumes that meet a certain format. What format is that you ask? For one, your resume must have no typographical errors, no grammatical errors, no syntax errors, no verb tense errors, no alignment errors…no errors! The second thing LOGCAP recruiters are looking for in your resume? Keywords. It must be rich in relevant keywords, as all resumes are filtered according to certain keywords pertaining to the job. Finally, the style, organization and presentation of your credentials must absolutely POP! The design with consideration to arrangement, symmetry and visual appeal must grab the attention of the reader and hold it as each section builds on the other, increasing interest and compelling the reader to dig further and deeper into who you are, what you bring to the table, and how you contribute to organizational development, success of the company’s business objectives and its ability to meet the needs of the mission.

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LogCap4Jobs provides an individual, customized LOGCAP 4 formatted resume reflecting LOGCAP industry specific wording designed to maximize your chances of getting a call from one of the LOGCAP recruiters. Competition for these lucrative, high paying jobs is high and in order to compete for one of them, you have to present your experience in the format the LOGCAP recruiters are looking for. LogCap4Jobs has its finger on the pulse of the LOGCAP defense contractors and knows exactly what it takes to make sure you distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Recruitment Services


Attention: LogCap4Jobs does not supply recruitment services, nor is LogCap4Jobs a “Headhunter”

LogCap4Jobs provides high quality LogCap 4 formatted resumes, but it is up to you to apply directly with your company of interest, as specific information is gathered during the process which only you can answer. The information gathering process of the LOGCAP defense company will request highly detailed, personal information which only you can provide. For that reason, exercise extreme caution when dealing with websites touting themselves as resume submission services.

Defense Contractors


LOGCAP defense contractors

The major LOGCAP defense contractors to apply to for long-term employment at this point-in-time, are Fluor, KBR, DynCorp and ITT, as they will be providing the majority of LOGCAP jobs in the foreseeable future. KBR has been awarded a large LOGCAP IV Task Order, and will be a good source of defense contractor jobs in Iraq well into the immediate future.

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There have been countless scores of ill-prepared people seeking to better their lives, who whether by naïveté or wide-eyed innocence, have come onto a LOGCAP project with the misguided notion that there would be an atmosphere of patriotism... read more

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- Tom Smith, Alabama

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NOTE: LOGCAP 4 Jobs does not guarantee employment of any kind nor does it guarantee or imply that you will ever be contacted by a LOGCAP 4 recruiter. LogCap4Jobs reserves the right to refund your payment if your resume is considered to be in no need of improvement.

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